Look for the Helpers

I’ve been super busy here at school -shocker- but I don’t live under a rock… ok, it’s only a little rock. Amidst all the presidential election buzz, I realized I didn’t have a definitive stance on some of the biggest issues that were on the forefront of this election base. After a few hours researching […]

I am an Island

So it’s definitely been a while since I’ve written anything to you guys. And it would be a moot point to shovel out an excuse that I’ve been busy. So I’ll just skip that part. 4th semester is well underway and There has been a lot happening in my life.  Over the last break, I […]

A Toast to Dengue Fever!

Alright so I’m back for a quick recap of this semester. We are in the last block week of this semester….WOW! SO that means Block 4 exams are Monday and finals are the following week. For me, I will have a micro diagnostics exam next thursday and my 3 finals on Tuesday August 16. I […]

The End of MS1…

Naturally, I have waited until the end of the semester to recap the entire second half of things down here. When I left off, I had just begun block 3 and was telling everyone about the horrible tragedy my family went through mid-February.  As of now, my brother is doing well. He has had a […]

The Art of Keeping It Together

In true Melissa style, I have neglected my blog for yet another block. But this time, for good reason. Second block is over and we are halfway through third block-time flies! School is going reasonably well considering the circumstances at the end of last block.   For those of you who are are not aware […]

On to the Next One

I realize I am the probably one of the most inconsistent bloggers out there…so here is another read for everyone.

I left off right before the end of my last semester. Things went pretty well in terms of grades and schoolwork. As always, there is certainly room for improvement. However,  I am over-all fairly pleased with the outcome. As soon as finals were over, I had to move out of the dorms and then went on a mini-vacation to St. Barth’s. Which was a 30-minuite ferry ride away. We stayed there for two days and two nights. The island itself is only about 8 square miles, but it is chalk full of celebrities, gourmet food, and chic boutiques. We left for the States on Saturday and that’s where most of you picked up on the goings-on in our lives over the holidays. Mine was highlighted by a few phenominal events: tagging along with my sister to find her wedding dress; attending  a funky Christmas Eve party (a tradition now, even if Heidi stops throwing that awesome shindig); a day visit to Charlotte with Jeff to see the bodies exhibit; and a mind-blowing new year’s eve party to boot! All admidst tons of amazing food & drink and a few long runs with some spinning sprinkled on top.

Upon my return to the island, I had to move-AGAIN. This time into our new location at Rainbow beachclub. I am seriously in love with this new apartment. I’ve never lived anywhere this nice and I am just trying to soak it all in. Classes started and I am in four classes plus ICM this semester: MCB 2 (mostly metabolic pathways-YUCK!- but we did cancer biology first block-which I thoroughly enjoyed), Physiology 1 (This includes general cell physio, muscle physio, gastrointestinal physio, electrocardiac physio, and general cardiac physio), Immunology (which is all about how our Immunse system works-and it’s super freakin’ complicated, but I think I like it!), and for 2 blocks-or 6 weeks-I am taking Biostatistics. ICM does not begin until third block. But because Jeff is a semester ahead of me (and I’m an awesome chick… and let him practice head and neck exams on me) I know what’s coming. In addition, Jeff and I are anatomy lab TAs. This opportunity is only open to those students who have done exceptionally well in anatomy during their first semester. Basically, it means we go in once a week and help out the first semester students who are dissecting in anatomy lab. This is a 2-semester committment so I hope to broaden and sharpen my dissecting skills as well as hone in on some of the more difficult anatomical concepts that may have eluded me last semester. On top of that, I joined AMSA (American Medical Students Association) which is a national organization linking pre-meds all the way up to attending physicians in the US. AMSA provides a wonderful network and plenty of neat workshops as opportunities to branch out of our acdemic curriculum.Some of these that I have already participated in include: phlebotomy and IV workshop, basic suturing workshop, and an intubation workshop. I plan to attend as many of these as possible because they keep things fun for me. And yes… suturing on cadavers or practicing IVs on your peers is “fun” when you’re in med school.

First block has come and gone. I struggled to get into a swing of things for some reason. But my marks turned out well…minus a bizarre computer glitch that has the highest-ranking IT officials at the school scratchingtheir heads and left me short several points on an exam. However, this is still under investigation and I feel that  the school’s IT department and my professor have taken this very seriously. Espscially since it was no fault of my own and cost me valuable test points that I will never see again. And it could have cost me more, had I not been paying painstakingly close attention to minor details on the computer screen during my exam. Second block is underway and I am struggling with the content. It’s a bit dry for my taste.  But I do have the luxury of prior knowledge this time around. MCB2 is all Glycolyiss and Biochemistry right now and Physiology is all muscle phys so I’ve got that going for me.

Running has been short and not as much as I would like (shocker). It’s quite sad actually. But I just go to the gym when I can for as long as I can, which is usually around 30 minutes (45 if I’m lucky). Studying hours really add up when you have 4 classes on your plate. But we eat as healthy as possible on the island. Lately, I feel like a lot of the produce goes bad before we get a chance to eat it; or it is laready bad and we end up eating it and get sick. All for nearly double the price of produce back home..it’s great!! (queue the sarcasm) But, in all honesty, it’s fine. Between Jeff and myself, we make it work.

When all is said and done, I’m just glad to be moving onward and upward on my journey. This week I have to go introduce myself to one of the Imunology professors (it’s for extra credit–heck yeah!!! I’ll all of that I can get!!!) And she wants an interesting fact about me…. I need some help…I don’t think I have any cool facts, so I want to sum up my awesome life back home into a few quick sentences. Ready…?…Set.. GO!!!!


I’ve included some pictures for your vewing pleasure. Continue reading “On to the Next One”

Most wonderful time of the year?

Apologies in advance for any terrible grammar and punctuation in this post. My good grammar is not with me these days. So, It’s halfway through 4th block and that means I have just under 3 weeks left in my first semester of medical school. Holy Cow! Some might say “Where has the time gone?!” but […]

Bless these tired eyes

So as you’ve probably guessed, another block exam has come and gone. Block 3 is now in full swing. I’ll give a recap of the past few weeks so that everyone can stay up to speed on things down here. Block 2 was only 3 weeks long, just like block 1. MCB maintained the same […]

New kids [finish] the block.

ok people, I a know it’s been a little bit since I’ve written anything. But that’s life now days. Busy busy all the time. My medical school career is officially in full swing. With the first block exams under our belts as of this past Monday. Block exams are tests in all of your classes […]